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Thank you so much for ordering our new album “Minor Blemishes.”  Many hours and long days and nights went into the recording of this album and we’re very proud of it.  We worked hard in our quest to produce a power pop classic.

As a special thank you for ordering our new album, We’d like to offer you a special package we’re calling “The Unswept Big Bundle.”  It contains our first two full-length albums plus our first two EPs we put out independently and were available for a very short time before we had to take them down.

If you purchased all the albums and EPs individually it would cost at least $30, but with The Unswept Big Bundle you can get EVERYTHING for just $12.  That’s 30 tracks (with rare and previously unreleased material) for more than HALF OFF the normal price.  It’s the least we can do to THANK YOU for supporting our music and ordering “Minor Blemishes.”

However, do keep in mind that this collection is not available anywhere else, and should the music ever get an official re-release, it will NEVER be available at this price.

Here’s what you’ll get inside The Unswept Big Bundle:

  • Our first LP, the self-titled “The Unswept” (10 songs)
  • Our follow-up album, “The Unswept Today!” (11 songs)
  • Our first-ever EP, released independently, “Surf Song EP” (4 songs)
  • and our second independently released EP “Certain Flowers EP” (5 songs)

To order, simply click the order button you should see below, and the digital download links to all the material will be sent to your inbox in just a few moments.

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