I (STILL) wish i was a beach boy

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Crazy good Beach Boys show on Sunday Night at Ravinia. 78-year-old Mike Love sounds fantastic and as the show goes on you realize what an incredible catalog:

Do It Again
Fun Fun Fun
Barbara Ann
Help me Rhonda
Wouldn’t It Be Nice
Sloop John B
God Only Knows
Don’t Worry Baby
Surfer Girl
I Get Around
California Girls
Surfin’ USA
Little Deuce Couple
Surfin’ Safari
Catch a Wave
and on and on…including a great cover of Ramones’ “Rockaway Beach” which was basically a Beach Boys song anyway.

Mike also did most of the songs in the original key, which really impressed me.

I also apologize to John Stamos for anything I may have said in the past, as it turns out is a very qualified drummer.

And, yes, it’s just Mike and Bruce and some session guys and family members.  But they really carry the Beach Boys sound.  Close your eyes and it’s as if you were in 1965.   For those too young to see them at their absolute peak, it was a total blast.

Mike Love doesn’t get enough recognition as a songwriter, a singer with a unique voice, and a great frontman.  He sounded great and looked like he was having a blast, and that fun energy was contagious.   Isn’t that what we want from a show?  We got it.

— Ryan