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Brand New Single!

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Through the miracle of dropbox, The Unswept have recorded a new single!  It’s a sprightly open letter to the current occupant of the White House.  If you agree with the anger and frustration expressed in this song, please vote! (There’s a naughty word in verse 2, but don’t fret, DJ’s — we’ve also included an […]

Record of the Day

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Today’s featured LP spinning at Unswept HQ.  A very influential record for the young O’Briens.  

Flashback Friday (Not Acid-Enduced)

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‘Ello all, it’s been a minute!   We’ve been working on a couple of new tunes all alone and yet together via popular file sending services.  Hope to have them for you soon. In the meantime, let’s go back through the mists of time…to a distant past known as 2014…and a group of upstart UK […]

Reverb Raccoon

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Thanks to Reverb Raccoon for selecting “Forget The Day” from our new EP as their Song of the Day! The Unswept – Forget The Day

New EP Love from Powerpopaholic

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Quite chuffed about being compared to Lou Reed!  Very nice review of our new EP from Powerpopaholic: The Unswept have shifted their style to a harder-edge, grittier sound with their new EP. “Codependent” adds major power to the pop melody and lead singer Ryan O’Brien seems to channel the spirit of Lou Reed. “Try To […]

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