Please boycott this album!

Most of you know that The Unswept is no longer involved in any way with Draco records. As part of our agreement to leave the label, we agreed that Draco could re-release previously released material in different formats (greatest hits, compilations, etc.).

However, the agreement also stated that any previously unreleased material that we recorded while under contract with Draco would require our permission to be released. We would have the right to remix it or record it if we felt it was not up to standards.

Therefore, we were dismayed to see a bootleg recording of one of our live shows from our 2015 UK tour released as an official Unswept live album.

While we feel our performances are reflective of our live stage show at the time, Draco took it upon themselves to dub on ridiculous crowd noise, and in at least instance, substituted a studio recording and attempted to pass it off as live.

The recording is also only 27 minutes long and our sets on that tour were about 45 minutes. Therefore, listing it at the full retail price of $10 is inexcusable.

Please boycott this album.

A three-and-a-half star review on “Rate Your Music”

A very perceptive fan over at “Rate Your Music” had some interesting things to say about the latest record:

The Unswept Today….is pretty and infectious…Most of these songs have grade A melodies, the songs don’t overstay their welcomes, all of them have some sort of memorable moment and the whole band seems to be into what they’re doing.”

Read the full review here, and download the album on bandcamp for just $5 for a limited time only!

Another review of “The Unswept Today!”

Unswept Today!The folks over that the “I Can’t Believe My Earz” blog recently discovered “The Unswept Today!” and had some nice things to say:     The Unswept Today…contains 11 tracks of power-pop dynamite, filled with great melodies, choruses, and unforgettable hooks….The band has an insane feel for writing catchy pop songs with addictive melodies, and a gift for lyrics…”


Read the full  review here, and download the album on bandcamp for just $5 for a limited time only!


Limited Edition CD available exclusively at IPO Chicago

The Unswept's Debut RecordAfter a Spring cleaning session, we found a box of CD copies of our first album, “The Unswept.”  These are the last remaining copies on Draco Records in existence — the album will be remixed, remastered, and rereleased on our own label later this year.

We will be offering these copies, signed by all members of the band, exclusively at the International Pop Overthrow show in Chicago.   Don’t miss out!  It might be worth something someday.  Then again, it might not.   But you’re a risk taker anyroad, aren’t ya?

Saturday Evening, April 23: 
Red Line Tap 
7006 N. Glenwood Ave

8:00 Rob Schultz Band 
8:45 The Bon Mots 
9:30 Bob’s Yer Uncle 
10:15 The Unswept 
11:00 Jupiter In Velvet 
11:45 The Romeros

The Unswept on Power Pop Planet

“Inside Out” will be included on the much-delayed “Power Pop Planet Best of 2014″ compilation. Catch The Unswept’s final U.S. performance at International Pop Overthrow-Chicago on Saturday, April 23!


Unswept Poster - Final ShowTHE UNSWEPT will play together for the first time in nearly a year when they perform at the International Pop Overthrow festival in Chicago on Saturday, April 23.

“I think we all felt a little uneasy about the way we left things,” said Ryan O’Brien, who announced the breakup of the band last fall with a statement to the press also announcing his first solo album.  “But now that we’ve settled things with our record label, the four of us have been talking to each other again, and we decided to go out on a more positive note.”

Ryan O’Brien will be leaving the U.S. to take a teaching position near his hometown of Sheffield  this Summer.  The rest of the band plans to remain in the Chicago area and work on other projects.

The Unswept’s appearance at International Pop Overthrow Chicago is a fitting bookend to the group, as they played their first show in America at IPO Chicago in 2012.

The Unswept will perform songs from their two full-length releases, “The Unswept” and “The Unswept Today!

The Unswept performs on the final night of the festival — Saturday, April 23, at the Red Line Tap (7006 N. Glenwood Avenue).  The evening’s entertainment gets underway at 8pm and The Unswept is scheduled to perform at 10:15.   Tickets for the night are $10 available at the door.

Saturday Evening, April 23: 
Red Line Tap 
7006 N. Glenwood Ave

8:00 Rob Schultz Band 
8:45 The Bon Mots 
9:30 Bob’s Yer Uncle 
10:15 The Unswept 
11:00 Jupiter In Velvet 
11:45 The Romeros


Ryan O’Brien Quits The Unswept

A Statement from Ryan O’Brien

As of today, Monday, October 5, 2015, I am no longer involved in any way with The Unswept, Draco Records, or Rosenthal Management Corp. I feel our fans deserve to know the reason why, directly from me.

Upon returning from our summer tour of the UK, The Unswept was rushed back into the studio by Draco Records to record a third album to wrap up our deal with them. The label wanted us to record an entire album in about two hours by playing live acoustic versions of covers we’ve done over years.   I had no interest in such a rushed, low-budget production that would cheat our fans, and was adamant that if we had to do a “covers” album that we give it the effort and production quality our fans our used to.

My bandmates convinced me to go through with it, since we’d been done with our contract as soon as the master was delivered and accepted to Draco, and I reluctantly went through with it.   They put us in a shoddy basement studio, gave us a case of beer and a pizza, and we did 2-3 quick takes of around a dozen songs, then were quickly ushered out of the studio before we could really listen back or do any overdubs.

The songs were mixed without any input from us, and the results were disastrous.   I thought it was the shittiest load of badly recorded shit with a lousy feel to it ever, and there’s no way I wanted my name or the name of my band associated with it. I was more than willing to produce a proper album for Draco, even if it meant using songs we’d intended for our first self-released post-Draco LP.

However, with nobody from management or the band seeming to take my side, and being told by Draco that no matter what I thought the LP would be released for Christmas, I decided to finish my solo album so fans of The Unswept would at least have a new, high quality, well produced album of new songs.

After I announced my intention to do so, the level of verbal and violent intimidation towards me has become intolerable, and the lack of support and understanding from my management and bandmates has forced me to put on my coat and hat and get out.

I’d just like to thank our fans for their love and the power pop community for embracing us.   It was always a pleasure to play for you.

I hope you enjoy my new solo album (“Brown Line,” available on bandcamp) and I hope to see you all on the road soon.


Ryan O’Brien



Ryan O’Brien releases first solo album

Brown Line EP CoverRyan O’Brien has just issued his first solo release, “Brown Line.”  In an exclusive interview on The Unswept’s website, he talks about the record and the future of the band:

Q: Why did you decide to put out a solo release?

RYAN: While on tour, I found a used digital recorder in a second-hand shop and thought I’d use it to jot down ideas for new songs. I liked how easy it was to use and how good the sound quality was, so when we got back home I just fleshed out the song sketches into full tunes.

Q: Did you write all the songs on your own?

RYAN: Yes, indeed, I did.

Q: Will they be credited solely to “Ryan O’Brien?”

RYAN: It’d be quite daft to say otherwise when I did ‘em meself, so “Ryan O’Brien” it is.

Q: Did you enjoy working as a solo act?

RYAN: Quite thoroughly. Less waiting around for people to turn up. Plus it’s easier to come to a consensus when it’s a group of me.

Q: Which instruments did you play?

RYAN: Bass, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, organ and percussion (tambourine, shaker, cowbell etc).

Q: Have you played all these instruments on recordings with The Unswept?

RYAN: Yes – except bass being the one I normally wouldn’t do.

Q: Why did you do all the instruments yourself?

RYAN: I think I know what I’m doing.

Q: Is it true that neither Bert Fern nor anyone from Draco Records has been or will be involved with the recording, production, and distribution of this record?

A: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Q: Did you miss the rest of The Unswept? Was there any time during the recording you thought, “I wish Charlie were here to play this?”


Q: Are you planning a new album or single with The Unswept?


Q: Is this record a break from The Unswept or the start of a solo career?

RYAN: Seems like it’s both, by definition, isn’t it?

Q: Is this break temporary or permanent?

RYAN: We’ll see, won’t we?

Pure Pop Radio Loves The Unswept!

Nice review today from Pure Pop Radio, who are spinning both of our albums in their entirety!

We’re a bit late in reporting on our adding of both this groovy band’s 2014 self-titled album and their latest long player, The Unswept Today! So, let’s play catchup, shall we? We’ve added every song from both albums, so one might say it’s a clean sweep for the Unswept! From Today!, we’re playing “Super Sad,” “Peace of Mind,” “Please Look My Way,” “Another Bubble,” “(You Can) Do the Math,” “Unimpressive,” “Magnet’s Coil,” a cover of Teenage Fanclub’s “Mellow Doubt,” “Cheater,” “Getaway,” and the wonderfully titled “Surf Song (I Wish I Was a Beach Boy).” From the self-titled album, we’re spinning “So It Goes,” “I Can’t Sleep,” “Cynical Girl” (Marshall Crenshaw cover), “Certain Flowers,” “You’re Going Home,” “I Must Be in Love” (Rutles cover), “You Trip Me Up,” “Listen to the Band” (Monkees cover), and “She’s So Cool.” And what’s cool about the Unswept? Their unerring sense of melody, great songs and a terrific presentation. We love the Unswept!